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    Welcome to battle machine. You have unlocked your first racing organization. Win and dominate enough race days and you'll be invited to more. TO begin, select the battle machine logo and enter the race day. Through the garage you can upgrade your cars with high quality performance parts or tune your cars so they will perform better while completing. Challenge series: the ultimate test of driver skill. All riders provided by battle machine. Drivers are given pre tuned cars. Car damage: all repairs are free. Totaled cars are out of the challenge. Wrecking all cars ends the weekend. Race to dominate: winning isn't enough. You must dominate. Racing awards you points. Earn enough points to beat the competition. Dominate and choose a new car.
    Ryo brags that he is the very best racer there is. To challenge him you have to complete the 3 showndowns in career. Show him you're the best and you will win this car. Grip races are basically a straight up race, there are no handicaps so everyone is racing whatever they brought to the event. First one to cross the line wins.

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    Grip overview: performance tune your car to get the advantage. At its core, grip racing is all about the fastest driver in the field. Driving aids & techniques: the arrow indicators will help identify the angle of each corner. Use the breaking indicators to help identify where to brake. pass your opponents when it's safe whenever possible. Damage: finesse your throttle - ease off to keep control. Damage will gave impact on your cars performance. Total your car and you're out of the race. Time attack grip races are all about achieving the fastest lap time. All drivers will be given multiple laps to post the best time. Careful through, drivers are still on the track completing for time together, so things can still get pretty hairy. The driver holding the fastest lap time at the end of the event wins.
    Big results mean big rewards: your rewards for winning a race day will be better if you dominate it. The prizes will be better and the performance parts awarded get rarer as you advance farther on the career map.

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    Need For Speed ProStreet hack menu & cheat codes tips

    Once you share your race day with friends, a private leaderboard is created for that race day, allowing you to complete against those friends for the top sports on the leaderboard. Only the players that have acquired your race day through sharing will be able to post their statistics on the leaderboard and use you cheat codes. You can only post stats to the leaderboard if you play the race day as a ranked match.
    Drag tournament: there are many drivers in the tournament completing for the fastest drag. Staging: keep your RPM in the perfect zone to increase the grip meter. The higher your grip meter goes, the more traction you'll have in the next race. Launching: time your first shift to the start signal and get the perfect launch. Don;t max the throttle too much or you may break traction. Don't jump the start or you will be disqualified. SHift: hit the perfect shift zones for an added advantage. Don't blow your engine. Try using the clutch for an added challenge. Drag racing is a competition between drivers to post the fastest drag time. In a drag tournament each driver gets 3 chances to post the fastest time. Staging well before each run and timing your shifts is the key to success if you don't use Need For Speed ProStreet cheat codes.
    Racing lines: the arrows painted on roads indicate the suggested racing line to take through the turns. Good racing lines and properly timed braking will help shave the seconds off your lap times.
    Blueprints: build cars for specific race types. Set up each car with up to 3 blueprints. Share blueprints online. Visual customization: autosculpt stock or aftermarket parts. Improve aerodynamics and weight. Tune performance in the wind tunnel. Performance customization: use quick upgrades for instant results. Packages improve specific areas of your car. Combine individual parts for maximum performance.
    Once your car is damaged it will stay way until you repair. If you choose to restart the race, your car will still be damaged. However, when you restart the race you will have the option to repair your car before starting the next race. You can repair light and heavy damage on your car by either using a repair marker or by paying cash. If your car is totaled, it can only be repaired with a total repair marker or with Need For Speed ProStreet cheat code - ugEZxmw1D.
    With challenge race days you're provided with a set of cars to race and any damage you do to them is fixed for free. There's no risk and it helps earn you some extra cash.
    Try to shift when the RPMs are in the perfect shift zone. Perfect shifts allow you to hit the next gear quickly. Miss the perfect shift and your car will bog down which could cost you greatly. Every second counts in drag races.
    Check out the top tuner leaderboard and see if you are the best tuner. This leaderboard represents the top Blueprint tuners in the game. Sharing your blueprints with other players is the first step to competing as a tuner. Sharing your blueprints will allow other players to apply your customization to their cars and record stats. The more players win while using your blueprint, the higher your tuner ranking will be. Your shared blueprints must be used in at least 20 races before you will appear on the leaderboard.

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