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    And so, a deep, cold, and seemingly endless darkness covered the world. It was on the brink of being destroyed bya rythless demon. But then, one brave mage stepped forward. Hoping to dispel the darkness and bring dawn to the world, he battled the demon...
    Attack the demon using your skills. You can attack an enemy target with your currently selected skill after selecting a target. You can determine the order of the upcoming turns by checking the battle timeline. If the enemy's speed is quick, they may be able to attack consecutively. You can use your special skill after accumulating all special points.
    View details about your quests by tapping on the magnifying glass button. View details of your quest progress from the quest info window. Tap the "go now" button to reach the quest objective or destination. View previous scenes by going into watch again. You can view previous videos at any time.

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    You can view the mages going on an adventure with you by tapping on the mage button. You can view the active skills of a mage from their skill page. You can equip a skill page to receive a passive skill effect. You can gain the buff effect by equipping Asta's mage skill page. Tap the level up button to increase the level of your mages. Level up mages with EXP potion. Automatically add EXP potions by tapping on the auto select button.
    Go to the world screen by tapping on the world button. Move around on the world map using the virtual joypad. Tap on the icon located to the top of the world screen or on the button located to the bottom right of the screen. Go to the team setup screen by tapping on the ready button. Position your mages for battle by tapping on the empty slot button. Mages that are made as a partner has a partner icon. They can perform a combined atk. Tap the start button to enter the battle.

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    Mage guide: Yuno specializes in area of effect attacks. he is able to take out many enemies at once. You can perform an additional attack upon defeating an enemy with skill 1. Asta has been affected by a debuff. Use skill 1 to remove the debuff and attack the enemy target. Use your special skill to defeat many enemies at once. Yuno's special points are consumed upon performing a special skill. They can perform, a combined atk together. Special points are also consumed when using combined atks.

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