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    After being discharged from active military service, David's life have been quite boring. As usual, he watches global news on his TV. The newscaster was reporting a scene that humanity do not want to face. "AI has taken control of robot dogs from human. With panic in the streets, criminals take advantage of the situation of harm other people. Powerful gangs with tanks invade borders of the country."
    Looking at the chaos on TV, David frowns and his eyebrows furrowed. Just at this time, his phone began ringing frantically on the sidetable: "i want you for the world's future now." David put on his equipment, singed his rifle, and walked firmly out of his house. "That's the reason why i'm back." David finished before he jumped out of the helicopter. What kind of danger awaits David?

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    Drag the screen to defeat mobs and make the world better. Skills: UAV - summons a UAV for fire support. Electric shockwave - generate electromagnetic waves. Satellite - generates satellites around player. Mines - places a motion sensor mine. Boomerang - throws a boomerang toward enemies. Rifle - bullet number +1. Duration - skill duration +20%. Spending gems may get a stronger skills list. Frostbolts - fires frostbols in random directions. Radius - skill radius +10%. Dagger - throws multiple daggers forward enemies. Air support - call in bombers for support. Enhancement - attack damage +10%. Cooldown - cooldown reduction +10%. HP max - max HP +10%, restore current HP +10%.

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