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    Welcome to world untamed, the show where we unravel the wild mysteries of Pokemon! Are you ready to join me on an untamed adventure? Today we traveled to the dusty Steppe to take a closer look at the wild Pokemon. The first thing you need to do is sign up for the gym challenge in your region, and you'll officially become a trainer. Then find a pokemon gym near your ara to challenge your first leader. Who knows! You may be destined to become the next legend of the Pokemon world. Always remember that humans and Pokemon become stronger when they fight together it's an ancient bond.

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    THis region has 8 gyms with 8 gym leaders, who are expert trainers specializing in one type of monsters. If you manage to defeat all 8 gym leaders, you'll be a highly respected person! Although not as much as in the past.
    Poke ball - Z23nPaHSn. Capsular design device that catches wild Pokemon. It is thrown as a ball against the target. Great Ball - JO3K8AFIx. High performance pokeball. It has a higher success rate than the poke ball. Potion - bmcohig9W : spray medicine that heals wounds and restores 20 HP. Protein - XcpHmKWU4 :nutritious drink that increases a character's attack.
    Don't focus on training a single monster, but instead build a balanced team that cover all your weaknesses. Keep an eye on the map so you don't get lost, your sense of direction is zero. Don't waste any more time and start earning badges.

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