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    Looks like business is booming, my dear bandits. So let me take that all of your hands. Enough with the chitchat. Battle: allied characters are placed on the left side of the screen while enemy characters are on the right. Battles then proceed automatically. When all enemy characters are defeated, you will move to the next wave. Now that the SP gauge is full, tap the hidden technique button to activate it. Tips (hidden techniques): fill the SP gauge to use hidden techniques! Fill your SP gauge over time. SP recovers as time passes, when enemies or allies are knocked out, and when moving between waves. Please take this into consideration when planning attacks. We can transfer magic to our bodies and weapons to strengthen them. However, there will be some level of inefficiency as magic moves from one form to another. For example, when i transfer 100 currents of magic to an average steel sword, only 10% of the energy can be used in combat. A whopping 90% is lost. Even a mithril sword, which is known to be compatible with magic, is considered high end if it performs at 50% capacity.

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    If you fail to complete a quest, your stamina will not be diminished. Thus, my lord may re-attempt the quest as many time he desires. Shadow (an offense character) has high attack power but low defense. Enemy attacks will cause him to receive a high level of damage. Enemies will generally attack characters from the front. Alpha (a tank) has a large amount of HP to defend the party from enemy attacks. Tapping the camera icon during battle allows you to switch the camera angle between dynamic and static. I hope this will help you better follow the course of battle. Tanks can absorb a lot of damage, but continued attacks will drain their health. Once you have achieved a 3 stars victory on a quest, your special shadow skip technique can then be used to clear the quest and receive the rewards without having to do battle. The number of characters that can participate in combos depends on how full your gauge is, and each subsequent character will receive a greater combo bonus than the previous character. As you always say there is strength in numbers.

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    The combo gauge in the bottom left of your screen fills up with time or other actions your characters make. Once the gauge reaches 3 or higher, you can use a strike combo, a powerful combo attack.

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