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    Hey, adventurer! Your hero is fighting. Come help him! Tap on any space on the screen to speed up his attacks. We need to defeat enemy within the time limit, or we will fail. Look, we've got a new ally. The new hero will get deployed and start attacking automatically upon arrival. The monsters will not attack them, but only deal damage to Smaragdos. Clear adventure stages, and you will get loads of rewards. Tap on quick claim to claim rewards. In your manor, you can consume resources to upgrade your Lord level. All you need to do is tap on upgrade when there are sufficient resources. Raising the Lord level can enhance attributes for the role and heroes.

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    Talen point - used to upgrade talents. Can be obtained via upgrading lord level or purchasing packs. Hero starstone - used to obtain a random epic hero. Boss ticket - used to challenge world Boss. Diamond - the rare currency. Can be obtained via top up and other gameplays. Deluxe resource chest - used to obtain 1 hour worth of wheat, lumber, stones, and iron ores. Coin - the common currency that can be applied for various purposes in the game. Featured talent tree, switch between three types of talents at will, unlock powerful skills, God of War or God of Law is up to you! Super magical clicker game, 50+ heroes fight on the same screen, making people addicted! Become a lord, plan your territory, and upgrade your lord level! Collect the weapons of the gods and resist powerful monsters together! Ultra-casual game experience, just hang up to improve!

    Hack menu - Click Deity cheat codes list:

    speed up - VjnP1OUtA
    unlock skills - 7JnFpijmy
    promote - bs64MIvFk
    level up - HIONc4kuc
    mastery boost - 6Cucpu3gO
    secret combination - pYFJjAwov
    daily gift - 8YWFdaTjY
    battle pass - ifH25G9YA
    resources - kedzIsOCY
    gems (diamonds) - 5r3ugoLgS
    VIP privileges - q2YYzi3Zz
    EXP pack - xf4qvQzeD
    gold coins - UPdzrcEnf
    mystery box - oiMoKemCp
    premium pass - VSDhlJMd3
    starter pack - NOnaV2cV2 #Click-Deity gift password
    unlimited stamina energy - AkNGYPK9f
    mixed package - 19xHV1fAQ
    awaken - i8tz9sWw4
    upgrade - qnGZZ1M0I
    evolve - U8kKUwANa
    off ads - bRFWhdbKo
    shards - HLkWpVefI

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