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    Driving effects change what you see around your car when you are doing certain things like drifting, colliding and using Nitrous. Please note: the tags you choose are applied to all of the cars you own.
    Map screen: before you leave the garage, choose where you want to go to set a route. You can open the map in the world at any time by pressing. A meetup - this is where you go to race in events and win cash. All the events available today are listed under the meetup. Select this meetup to browse events that are on today. You can select one before you head out. Select the meetup to browse which events are on today. Street race - a race through the sharp corners and narrow streets of Lakeshore's city and suburbs. Let's give the people something to talk about. Press X when the burst nitrous gauge is lit to trigger a powerful burst of acceleration. Events at night will often give you bigger pay-outs but they may get you more heat as well. Heat carries over from the day, so you need to keep an eye on it and plan your session carefully. When you return to the garage at night your heat will be cleared.

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    Speed race - a lakeshore classic. Test out your ride on some straights. Put the pedal to the metal and get some real speed. Corner king - a race of twists and turns to test your cornering skills. Drift or take the racing line to come out in front. Pick your cornering style: drift to take it sideways. Grip to hit the apex... and in case of emergency pull handbrake.
    Each session has different meetups. Some days, there are more than one to choose from. Each meetup contains different events with varying requirements and rewards, so always check out what's on before heading out. If you just want to exit straight from the garage, you can do this by pressing.

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