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    Energy is the resource used to cast abilities. Energy can be automatically recharged with time and shared by all characters. Dream Eaters of this low level is easy to be dealt with. Characters can recharge energy by fighting. When the energy is full, the character can execute their Ult. How about hanging out? You don't need to force yourself to recall the past. Map - this is the holography of Auschefeuer, the building on the holography is the teleport waypoint. Touch the building to teleport to the location. You can find all explorable events in this region. Complete them to advance the plot.
    Mechanics: red number - dealing elemental counter DMG. White number - dealing general DMG. Grey - the character being countered deals less DMG. Elemental counter: elemental counter increases DMG dealt by 30% reduces DMG taken by 30%. Being countered - a character being countered deals 30% less DMG and takes 30% more DMG.

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    guardian - tough melee character in this class can decrease all allies' DMG taken by 5%. Hoplite - melee characters in this class look to be in the thick of combat and can increase all allies PDMG by 5%. Assassin - this class is famous for its high burst DMG and can deal an additional 40% DMG to an enemy below 20% HP. Ranger - excels at damaging at range. DMG increased by 10% if no enemy around 2-meter radius, or decreased by 10%. Caster - this class specializes M.DMG. Deploying characters of this class will increase energy recharge by 5%. Adiutrix - this class can support allies by providing buff and debuff. They can increase all allies' healing received by 15%.
    Counter effect: counter element will increase DMG deal by 30%. Continuos attack on the boss will boost their fatigue bar. When the fatigue bar is full, the boss will be exhausted and their damage taken will be greatly increased.

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    Little story:
    Dubriostal Technology - without the Dubriostals, only a few talented humans could wield magic. But after humans acquired the Dubriostals, even an untalented ordinary person can use this crystal as a power source to operate a mechanical formation device and unleash great magic power. Such a special device uses both the Dubriostat energy and moder formation technologies. It can supply energy to a city, support heavy industries, and help craft weapons. This is what we call the Dubriostal technology cheat code. Generally speaking, convenient technologies like these are only available to the noble classes or citizens living on a prosperous city.

    Once a member has been awakened, they will receive massive increase in all attributes. Leveling up will increase all attributes of the member. Tap here to view member's detailed attributes. Briostal armament Breakthrough grants the member with much more possibilities and potentials. Upgrading a skill will drastically increase combat capabilities.
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