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    Wake up! Reincarnated, fated soul. The boundless darkness that shatters your soul...is also tearing the world apart. Countless demons pour through the rift. Even those guided by the sword of Salvation slowly succumb to the darkness. Look for comrades, descend into their souls. Guide them, save this world. Come along now, my poor little slaves. We have quests, and i want to give them a surprise. The bloody ritual is littered with the bones of innocents. Claw marks lead northeast, interspersed with the cultist leader's footprints. Tap to view main quest objectives. Then tap to proceed with the quest. Tap submit to place the twin feather in the ritual formation. Tap on quest module to automatically proceed with the main quest.

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    When a player levels up, all their heroes' levels will increase as well. You got stronger equipment. Tap "equip all" to wear. Tap "enhance" to proceed to equipment enhancement. Enter Pass hQtohYt5y to raise your equipment level. Tempering chest - open for a bigger chance of obtaining tempering stone I, used to upgrade relics. Raising the enchantite's levele raises the level of all characters as well. Heroes will automatically engage in battles and collect equipment even when you're offline! Claim your battle rewards with ease! Explore a massive and vibrant fantasy world created by a next-gen 3D engine! Take on multiplayer roguelike dungeons with others on a global server!

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