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    Legends tell of the Fall of atlants. When its armies waged war against the Corrupted, monstrous creatures encased in red stone. Even with the great giants fighting by their side, the strength of Atlantis was not enough. The heavens answered... and a mighty flood swallowed Atlantis beneath its icy waters. ANd so, the legend of Atlantis ends. But your journey has just begun. Your ship is ravaged by deadly ocean waves. As all seems lost, an ancient giant lifts you from the water. Saving you from certain death. Suddenly, the giant is swept away by the storm's fury. You are safe for now, but for how long.
    There are newcomers, but we're running out of resources. We can send some people to go and gather resources. Our residents have made suggestions. They could be mobilized to cultivate farmland for the sake of the island's food security. Good try, the proper use of land makes our island gradually prosperous, with prosperity. You will also get return.

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    It's very important to gather wood as an important building material. And by terraforming the land into a forest, we can increase the efficiency of gathering. To realize our blueprint, the island is still very small. Only the settler could expand island land, we need the Settler. Something comes up in the the mist. Tell the settlers to go check it out. We need more land to build a prosperous island. I recommend you build more farmland and forests. The enemy escaped here and took up position, beat them back, and we can take the farm. Our island is prospering. It's time to move on to the next step. This is an achievement worth celebrating and being recorded in the island Memo. We've only made a small step in our goal of becoming a great power. Prosperity - is the level of development of your city. Develop your city by allocating resources wisely, putting your citizens to work in the appropriate jobs, building many types of functional buildings, and upgrading everything on your way to controlling a mighty and prosperous new empire atop the ruins of an old one.

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