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  • breaking android game - help me jack atomic adventure. Hack, cheats for money, crystals (gems), partners, energy, equipment.

    help me jack- breaking: cheats, hack, codes ( free gems, crystals, partners)

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    Hacked version, cheats codes - contact us: The United States of America (USA) New York City, 228 Park Ave S, NY 10003-1502
    The game has three classes of fighters:
    Warrior - who uses a blade and can enter battlefield now. Uses the blade and specializes in melee attack skills
    Shooter - this class requires parts from boss monster of area 2-5. Uses a rifle, and specializes in ranged attack skills. A good character to use once in awhile.
    Scientist - requires parts from unknown area. Uses plasma energy and specializes in ranged attack. Well known for powerful attacks

    At each stage, you need to immediately ferocious guardian - boss. But for quick passage help me jack atomic adventure need a lot of cards ( at the entrance to the mission , and the higher the level, the more cards you must)

    Secrets hacking help me jack: cheats, codes crystallized card partners

    • 9x25yEWD86 - immortality ( easily overcome obstacles , destroy the boss impassable without a scratch );

    • YC5z9bbjb9 - crystals . Chita give one thousand crystals help me jack strong>, which can be spent on the legendary partners ( heroes) , better equipment , better;

    • rNnzDquZjE - energy . Codes give ten tysych energy required for self-employed partners, and improve simple armor ( in game currency ) ;

    • iONqdAtVW7 - unlock slots partners. Now the battle elp me jack can not take two assistants , and as many as six , that will greatly increase the chances of winning and reduce the time of the mission;

    • wUKfJfNiZb - cheats box with partners ( heroes ) . Given five boxes of the legendary heroes;

    • G9dW8v3sKO - help me jack, item drop rate increased (100%);

    • 4b2JMDvY6S - remove the recovery time skills;

    • eduaTl7nyM - stage result 5 stars;

    • YDgthHJH03 - hacking for unlock all skills;

    • WgLyjxbBJF - super rare partner;

    • Y0JAaVBD8K - cheats for ultra rare partner help me jack

    • gvw6Bq6PWw - full HP

    • CVbk77sJmy - kill the monster with one blow

    • bSm2ddAPjM - 100 tickets

    • jf5ZmEcJ1P - weapon

    • 2iwSQHMHqm - armor

    • wrstaRpE2F - accessories

    • gJ0c1oo6Xm - grips

    • WzulXB6Rt1 - guards

    • 2bMKw3RCCo - cheats for enchance weapon or armor;

    • AAwTqThIRn - hack for unlock all stage

    • PxjPKhK8Q9 - max tickets 500

    • uCXWh4dAti - 1000 exp.

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