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    Water troops can be deployed in the pool! Use Robin Hood to secure the area. Summoners will buff their favorite troops. If they are present in your Deck! You did a great job! Go and play.
    Wrecking Ball (smashing vehicle) - don't leave your buildings unguarded! Wrecking ball is a serious threat which creates distractions by strategic use, and has the ability to both absorb and cause extensive damage. Aladdin (worldwide celebrity) - this genie grants Bombs, not wishes! He's not the bulkiest guy, but his projectiles deal massive area damage. Napoleon - if you want something done right, do it yourself. This diminutive general is one mean shot. Zhao-Yun Gang - quick, precise, and aggressive. Shao-Vun is known as the perfect warrior. Now there are 3 of them? Oh nooo.

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    Take potions to receive a mana boost. Potions can give the first attacker an advantage. Water troops help control the center of the battlefield. Arminius - small, yet strong, with a bie sword and a cheerful walk. Arminius is superb! Just be careful not joke about his cape. William Tell's range is impressive, but he may need other troops to help protect him.
    Defend your towers, build your deck. become the strongest summoner! Become the Master of the Summoners Arenas! Build the ultimate heroes deck & battle your opponents to the ground, in this thrilling real-time pvp game.

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