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    You're ready to use skill. Try using a skill. A skill can be charged twice. If you use a skill when it's charged twice, a more powerful skill is activated. Things are not OK in this country. I'm going to gain power by joining the league, and i'm going to change this world. There are times when it's annoying to use skills. At times like this, try leaving it up to the hero to use the skills. If you active auto, the hero will use the skills on their own. I recommend using the skill manually during important battles. Double skill damage - double damage is given to the next skill, and is released after using the skill. Bleeding - decreases total HP by 5% every second and doubles damage received. Petrification - the hero can't do anything and can't be pushed after a hit. Skill interruption - skill will be canceled when the skill is used while in skill interruption state.

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    Equipment - unique, legendary equipment has additional attributes. Additional properties are granted randomly. Priest can attack instead of heal if you don't have low HP's ally. Poison - increases DEF ignoring damage by 50% of the hero's ATK every second. Knock back - slide the opponent backward. Freezing - the hero can't do anything and can't be pushed after a hit. Now you have earned the qualification to move on to Calibur league. There is a place that can help you become stronger before going to Calibur league. You can improve a step further by overcoming the given trials. The battle preparation screen - you can see the info on the opposing team and my team before battle. You can change your team composition. The skill is used when you touch the character area after skill is filled up. Overcharge skill is more powerful. The skill charges once more after it is filled up. Overcharge skill is activated when it is charged twice. You can get a new hero by collecting the hero's token.

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    off ads - MOiQ4eoRv
    shards - hb0b3Eqq2

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