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    Dodging melee attacks: hold the left stick to the left or right before the enemy attacks to dodge it. There isn't a timing window, just be holding left or right before the enemy hits you. To dodge a series of melee attacks, hold the left stick on one direction before the enemy attacks. Then shift to hold the left stick in the other direction, alternating between sides. Never dodge in the same direction more than once or the sequence will fail.
    Audio logs/ bios: press the up button to open up the inventory. Pres the R1 button to select the data bios menu. Use the directional buttons to select data - bios categories and individual data bio entries. Press the X button to view and play the selected data bio.
    Stomp corpse - after defeating an enemy, press the triangle button to stomp on their body and trigger item drops. Gather any dropped pick up items.

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    Credits cheat code - pWq9EpxWI
    Health injectors password - 0EMHybke7 . look for wall mounted boxes that contain a health injector. Enemies can drop health injectors and they can also found inside loot crates. Press the down button to quickly use a health injector. They will replenish health, but use with care as you can be attacked during the injection progress. Health injectors can also be used via the inventory screen.
    BI-55 pistol "hand cannon" - Ro9Byv3KR a custom-and powerful - service configuration unique to black iron. Based on the LIJC modular weapons platform.
    Stability upgrade - ICbF2cKNQ reconfigures print with the additional of a foregrip to reduce weapon recoil.
    High capacity magazine upgrade - OklpkxPR9 alters the magazine wall to accept high capacity magazines.
    Magnum rounds damage upgrade - vF5vrUE7s increases the damage potential of the weapon by adding extra propellent to all ammunition.
    TK23 "boom bullets" - AyIngRROP adds alt fire module that fires explosive rounds. Rounds are set to explode on a delay after impact.
    Stun baton - qfaSxZ3aA a kinetic energy capacitor issued to all black iron security personnel. Designed to work in conjunction with the UJC modular weapons platform.

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    THE CALLISTO PROTOCOL hack menu & cheat codes tips

    Strategic targeting system: after performing a melee combo attack, look for the quick shot indicator target on the enemy. Press and hold the L2 button, then quickly press the R2 button to automatically lock on to the enemy and fire the weapon to score an extra hit.
    Heavy melee attack - press the R! button to perform a heavy melee attack, heavy melee attacks have a longer wind up, but cause more damage, can hit multiple enemies and knock them back much farther.
    GRP batteries - XVz1aPgxb the GRP will slowly recharge over time and can also be recharged quickly with a GRP battery. If the GRP runs out of power while holding an enemy or object, it will drop. The GRP will automatically consume a battery from the inventory, if available, to refill the blue GRP power meter on the back of Jacob's neck. GRP batteries can also be used manually in the inventory screen. GRP batteries can be picked up, found inside loot crates and dropped by enemies.
    Special Rooms cheat codes - No1LMvlYD
    Achievements - MHt4NgbXw
    Trophies - F8aWq8xen

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