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    Select campaign company: select the company to start the invasion with. The special forces and airborne companies are better suited close quarters fighting at Salerno, while the UK artillery company can perform long range bombardments on the campaign map. You will be able to requisition more specialforces and airborne companies after the landing.
    Use special Forces - is an infantry unit type excelling at anti infantry combat and has access to unique movement conditions, with unique movement capability. They can also provide US special forces support to nearby companies engaged in real time battles. The company starts with the M29 Weasel call in and SSF commando call-in commander abilities unlocked and access to several units, like the captain Retinue , in their production buildings when engaged in real-time battles.
    US airborne - has access to a unique Paradrop ability to deploy behind enemy lines and unlock the Pathfinders. UK indian artillery - has access to a unique barrage ability that dmaages enemy forces from long range and unlock the Bishop self propelled artillery.

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    Camera controls: use the scroll wheel to zoom in and out. Use the arrow keys to move the camera. Movement: companies are the primary unit on the campaign map. They can move, attack, start battles, and use unique abilities. Nor that the company is selected, right click to move it up the coast. Companies can move multiple times anywhere within the shite movement range. Capturing: town provides a fuel resource increase to supply shipments arriving at ports. Loyalty - the decisions you make can affect how others perceive you. Not following through on such decisions can also have a negative impact on your relationships. Left click on loyalty rewards to check your current standing with each of your subcommanders.
    Beach landing - left click the company transport ability to select it, then left click on the map to set its target. Each ability has an associated remappable hotkey displayed on its icon.

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    Support abilities: nearby companies, vessels, aircraft, partisans, and emplacements can provide unique support abilities to missions and skirmishes. If you opted for a troop landing first, the support ability battleship bombardment is available to use in the Salerno mission. Alternatively, if Salerno was bombarded, the enemy company has received a negative effect replacing one of their own support abilities.

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