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    Enemy's chariot is incoming. Gather your heroes to fight. Select 1 out of 3 heroes to deploy, and the other 2 will vanish. Expand chariot to deploy more heroes. Refresh hero list to show another 3 heroes. Select hero already deployed to raise its star and ATK. Vagabond has the skill to raise its critical rate. Deploy it now! Kengo has the skill to attack all grounded enemies. If it kills enemies, you gain extra energy. Deploy 2 warriors and a Hellknight to activate its passive skill. Its passive skill vastly enhance all heroes' ATK. Click to see buff detail. Improvise now. Gather your heroes to win the battle.

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    Hero rising to golden star can unlock power passivity. Finding the lost artifacts and regaining the glory of the Gods, warrior legends will be written in the history of the land for generations to come. Join in the game anytime and anywhere. You’ll find it increasingly amazing with simple gameplay but exciting experience! Endless fun in attack/defense. Fight to the last battle! Don’t let your enemy catch his/her breath. Irritated Mages stun the battlefield. Sharp Archers embrace the victory. Powerful Summoners bring an army. All up to you. Assemble in the Guild with Friends. Nothing is more pleasant than playing with friends. Have more fun and gain more rewards.

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