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    I am Dr. BB! And i suppose you want to try your hand at being a pirate captain and sail the south seas, huh? For this you build a huge pirate nest, go capering, plunder dangerous and search for valuable treasures. THen let an old buccaneer like me explain to you how this works. First of all, you can see your resources up there. Tap on it, then it becomes more precise. With the resources here in the stock you can build and buy something. Every pirate needs gold in abundance. There's even a real gold mine in your humble nest. Tap on it. In a gold mine like this, your folks dig gold for ya. If you upgrade the mine, they'll get even more gold. If ya tap on the 'i', i'll tell you a few things about the building. Therefore tap on it. Here is everything ya need to know about a building. Need an idea, tap on the 'i'. There you see what you get from such an upgrade and what it's gonna cost you. Got it? Then start the upgrade now.

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    In such a powder mill your folks mix sulfur and other stuff together to gunpowder! That's really a blast if you need weapons and ammunition. If you want to upgrade the powder mill directly, you cna also tap the up arrow immediately. See what the upgrade will do for you? Right, worth it! So tap on the upgrade button. You know that already. If you upgrade HQ, the world will know how powerful you are. And you can store more gold and powder and unlock new buildings. And there's another new building for your pirate nest. Come on! Open the building menu at the bottom left. Laboratory - here you can see all the researches that are currently available. We need more storage space for gold to buy more expensive stuff! So choose the gold storage. Now raise the sails, off into the world. Encounter adventures, find treasures and plunder for all the world's worth.

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