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    Everything is always moving towards chaos. As the entropy of the universe continues. The energy will one day be depleted. And the entire universe will go to annihilation. I am your personal robotic operating binary instruction navigator. I know it's a bit long, but you can just call me ROBIN. Your planet has been severely damaged in the never ending battles. But don't worry. As a mighty celestial yourself, you can always gather your energy and manifest it into a new planet. Can you feel the massive energy fluctuation? It seems like the Fallen army is on its way. I have two bad news that i must tell you. The first one is that your soulcore was shattered by the fallen leviathan in the battle just now. The data shows that after celestial loses its 'soulcore', its ability will be significantly reduced and some of its memories will be lost. You've just woken up, and before you can figure out what's happening, a bunch of crazy Toymons started attacking you! Defeat them.

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    This is the second bad news. There area lot of strange guys coming around, and they're obviously prepared. Don't worry, attack is the best form of defense. Each civilization possess a unique elemental ability. When your element ability restrains the enemy, your enemy will receive additional damage. And that works both ways. Please use this to your advantage and win more battles. It seems like the hamster galaxy is having some problems. Why else would these Toymons lurk around the galaxy causing chaos? Your rank title can be promoted after completing related quests. A higher rank title significantly increases your combat power. Remember to upgrade your civilizations frequently to ensure your future mission. When in battle, perks can increase your attack power. Damage - permanent property: takes effect immediately after unlocking, no need to check the boss to use the secret technique of this source power. Thunderbolt - creates a circle of lightning stance around the planet, dealing 500% of attack damage to surrounding enemies, cooldown 60 seconds.

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