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    The game has reached its dimax. The monsters will soon attack the blue base. The side whose base's HP is depleted first falls. Caution! The red side summoned a lot of monsters to the blue side's board. Try refreshing the shop to find the right skill. Use exhaust skill to teleport monsters to your opponent.
    First, i'd like to brief you on the background of this competition. In the age of mythology humans believed in gods. Today religion has declined leaving gods powerless and miserable. They have to struggle for a living in the modern world. Therefore we're holding the top Gods contest to draw people's attention to gods again to restore the glory of the pre-history. And the agent of gods, who we've chosen to fight alongside gods, is you. You'e going to work with the gods to win trophies and restore their glory.

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    Now, you need to summon the first god to resonate with you. Open a chest. Then stop the monsters, protect the base. Skills are the most important part in a game. Choose the right skills to win the game. Check three skills and choose one to face the monsters. The hero automatically attacks monsters and releases skills equipped. Upgrade a skill to increase its damage. Buy an identical skill to upgrade it. Requires 2 skills of the same level to upgrade.
    There are three types of hero artifact slots: light, shadow and star. Each slot can only hold on artifact of its type. Exhaust: no need to equip. Disappears after use. Repurchase it to use again. Unleashes a block hole from the base that moves in the opposite direction and keeps pulling nearby non boss enemies for 6 seconds. Evolve - takes up a more powerful form when certain requirements are met. Attack power - affects damage dealt by hero basic attacks. Devolve - when requirements are not met, devolves into the basic form.

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