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    Remedy - main weapon: a laser pistol that fires a beam of energy at the enemy, dealing continuous damage. First aid - throws a healing smoke grenade that restores HP of allies in its range. Leo - main weapon: a submachine gun with a high fire rate, medium damage and range. Active ability: jet surge - activates the jetpack, triggering a powerful push in the chosen direction. Recoil - makes a short dash in the chosen direction with the jetpack. Oni - main weapon: a bat that deals heavy damage in close combat. Twinkle - main weapon: an assault rifle with a 3-shot cutoff mode. Calibri - main weapon: a sniper rifle with high damage, low fire rate and long aiming time. Jagger - main weapon: a heavy blaster machine gun with an increasing fire rate after continuous use.

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    Calibri's sniper rifle does a lot of damage, but aims slow. Get out of range before it's too late. Keep in mind that Jagger can't regenerate health while in the wrecking ball state. Use Oni's astral dash to get on the high ground. Watch Remedy's laser beam: the brighter it gets, the more damage she deals. 3v3 multiplayer action shooter set in the future. Play as one of the eccentric characters with powerful abilities. Dash and slide, deploy mines and rockets, destroy objects on the map or even propel them towards your enemies. You’re in it to win, so show them all you’ve got!

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