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    Welcome to the academy. Let me guide you through our training. I have deployed my agent. Deploying agent costs mana. The cost increases after each deployment. Now it's your turn. Defeat the monster to get mana. Monster will deal damage to you if they reach the ened of the path. You lose the match when your health drops to 0. Defeat the monster as fast as you can. You can rank up your agent by merging them. Usually, only agent with the same star can be merged. Try merging your agent now by dragging them onto each other. Or you can tap from A to B to merge. Apart from ranking up, powering up is also a choice if you are in need of strength. You can power up your agent but it will cost you mana. You have learned the basic. Now let's see if you can heat me with your agent.
    Each hero has their unique skill sets. Each wave may have different Boss. Each Boss has different ability. You can upgrade a skill of your hero at the start of each wave.

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    Mika - posions the monster, making suffer poison damage over time. Water attack will clean the poison out. Neve - can slow monsters with her frost attacks. Increases attack speed when raining. Chiharu - always shoot to whoever leading and burst multiple monsters at a time. All of her attack count as fire damage. Can burn down any greenary plant. Decreases damage when raining. Ember - the craziness of Ember make her damage unpredictable, she will deal random damage to monsters. Yukio - focus on mana study. He can do generate extra mana, copy rival mana, and also he can do windbolt attack. Larisa - after a certain amount of time, transforms into an Agent with stars between 1 - 7. Cannot attack. Sara - fusing summons a random agent with 1 star. Has a tiny chance to summon two agents instead.
    Level up your character cost you coins.

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