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    Ranger - a sturdy, heavily armored warrior, good at quickly pressing close to targets and dealing damage, a reliable candidate for battlefield ranger. Supplicant - the God serving modified warrior, good at using Sacred power in combat while giving partners reliable protection, the beacon of light that leads the team. Marksman - an extremely skilled veteran sniper, specializes in powerful and deadly ranged attacks, will kill all his targets. Blood thirster - the invincible, bloodthirsty runner, good at melee control and damage, wanders among the dangerous battlefield looking both brutal and elegant. Gloomer - delectable and tarty, this deadly hunter specializes in Demon magic from another world, any opponents deceived by her beaty will come to a bad end. Arcanist - the sinister and malicious noble gentleman, specializing in the secret blood magic pf the Bloodkin. Enemies who try to approach him will be caught in an endless storm of blood.

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    Premium pass cheat code - pyJowfZpB. Activate free silver + Gold + diamond premium. Exclusive diamond bosses. Stats: attack 50-250 Crit. Extra dungeon paid attempt. Unlimited free sign ins and Redo.
    Hints: you can summon a Deity at most 4 times a day from staying online (once every 30 minutes). You can recall magic from equipment enchantment in the modification system. People in the alliance have many different ideas about how to deal with the infected. After level 81 you can use demotion to redeem promotion energy and rank up. Master powerful skills and experience smooth battles. Mysterious power to greatly increase HP. Equip precious emblems to instantly boost DEF. Use passwords and get tons EXP and level up more quickly. Level up to enable new functions.

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    speed up - 7ZvyG2aVt
    unlock skills - iIaRqU2Jf
    promote - s3mpMgAGr
    level up - hI82QJU8j
    mastery boost - GFznAHnuS
    secret combination - lVUsg3T9o
    daily gift - cP3o7HW0S
    battle pass - is0Qt9H88
    resources - TfJbKJCn3
    gems (diamonds) - Era21Nl8J
    VIP privileges - FqJoAonkm
    EXP pack - OhO9Batn9
    gold coins - DA9a653Ae
    mystery box - 9bpb08RRA
    premium pass - KsdR7lukT
    starter pack - 6LA270aXb #Vampire-Survivals gift password
    unlimited stamina energy - 2qMUwlQxJ
    mixed package - X1l6xVd2H
    awaken - 5hTmLsmA9
    upgrade - 0dkw9bcSh
    evolve - mdlw1bxiF
    off ads - NYIE5MseL
    shards - VuEFtrUyu

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    Talent: talent of a certain class that grants lifesteal upon attacks but doesn't take effect when HP is full. Each time an attack steals HP, an amount of talent will be deducted. When talent is 0, attacks won't steal HP. HP restored = talent x lifesteal effect, up to the current talent. Increasing talent level or equipping advanced equipment increases the maximum talent and talent regen.

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