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    Performer - born to a family who've been bards for centuries, you've inherited their confidence and charisma, but also their lack of actual talent. With a gift for charming your way out of trouble, you feel a bad today is just a good story for tomorrow. Bandit - born on the Poverty stricken steels of blood row, fighting to survive is all you know. Hustling your way through life - the only thing sharper than your favorite knife is your wit. You've got a mean left hook, trust no-one and have a soft sport for cute dogs. Brute - born with a life threatening sickness, plague doctors did all they could do save you; dabbling in dangerous experiments. Their controversial approach worked, but not without side effects. They left you strong enough to punch a man unconscious, but too stupid to know you shouldn't. Academic - the child of the star crossed union of a plague doctor and a sawbones, you were raised with an appetite for knowledge. After their early demise, leading to your adoption common Galdos peasants, you still sought to learn all you could: appreciating study more than anything else.

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    Movement - tap anywhere on the screen and drag to move in that direction. THe icon on the minimap points in the direction of your main quest objectives. Open skill popup: swipe up on a skill or hold it to open the skill popup. SIngle attack - attack with your primary weapon, dealing 100% weapon damage. Posion - requires one handed DEX weapon. Posion an enemy. Poisoned enemy takes 70 blight damage over 5 turns. Backstab - requires one handed piercing weapon. Attack an enemy from the back for 100% weapon damage. Each attack has a 65% chance to trigger another backstab, up to a maximum of 5 backstabs. This attack is not dodgeable. Craft gourmet meat: open crafting by clicking the craft icon. Select the recipe: gourmet meat recipe to inspect it. Drag the gourmet meat to the character, or click it and click consume to consume it. Strengths and weaknesses: tap on an enemy to view their detailed information, including what they are strong and weak against. Note that you need to discover enemy resistances by attempting to inflict a specific damage type.

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    Limit break bar: some actions fill up the limit break bar. If the limit break bar is full player party will get an extra turn and full FP bars.

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