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    Your adventure is about to begin! I wonder what challenges await. This opponent is menacing! Dispatch our loyal monster companion. There's no time to lose, start fighting. Try summoning more monsters to become companions. Summon 30 more times to obtain an SS rank monster. Use dead branches to randomly summon monsters. Let's send your newly summoned monster companion into battle. Drag the monster companion to change its position. Now, time to test the might of your new formation. Active skill combo guide: after releasing an active skill, release any active skill again within 4s to trigger skill combo effect( stackable up to 5 times). After triggering skills combo, the skill will gain the corresponding buff.
    Looks like you've already fully adapted to this life of adventure! It's time to find a mentor for your first chance of job. Under my guidance, your abilities have quickly improved. There are six job classes you can choose from.

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    The transfer certificate is the sole proof that you are eligible for promotion. The association has approved your chance of job. 1st job can be changed fro free at any time. Choose your favorite job and then tap the job change button to change.
    You've accumulated lots of rewards from your earlier adventure. I can't wait to see what they are. The more adventures you have, the more rewards you'll receive. keep it up. And join challenges even further away from here. With so many rewards, we can enhance our power. Tap the upgrade button to upgrade an ability. Press and hold to upgrade multiple times. Don't forget to equip yourself with powerful gear. Tap auto equip to equip yourself with your strongest equipment.
    I can feel the power of your magical vibrations. I'll bestow an ancient energy upon you that will arouse even more power in you. You can turn your monster's battle EXP into your own, and improve your quality or that of your monster companions. First, select yourself as the subject for evolution. Then select the monster materials required for that evolution.

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