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    Falling. You're falling. All around you, is emptiness. But, no...No! This is not the end! Is this your final step? Can you truly be satisfied with this? One who has achieved nothing, a sinner! hear me! They await you yet! Open...open your eyes!
    Dwarves - live in snow and ice. Good at forging, they live a long time on wine and songs. With loyalty and pride, they unite as one.
    Human - the most widespread and common race on the continent, with high productivity and mobility, cultivates various civilizations.
    Dragonheir: Silent Gods allow you to create your own characters. You can travel various planes to collect, to build, to battle with a character you customized. Whether it's altering the character's eye or hair color, giving them a mask, or changing their races, all of this can easily be done from the Character Creation part. Therefore, all features you design for your character will affect your story later.

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    Strength - basic strength for physical movement. Strength allows you to carry heavy objects easier and deter others with your fists when necessary.
    Intelligence - mental acuity, recollection, and analytical skill. Good analytical thinking ability can always help you quickly find the best solution to a tough problem and even gain insight into the truth that no one else understands.
    Dexterity - physical agility, reflex, balance, and stability. Dexterity often makes you more skilled at stealing or escaping danger.
    Constitution - health, resilience, and vitality. Superior resilience and vitality allow you to always win by surprise in unexpected situations. For example in a drinking contest.
    Charisma - self confidence, eloquence, and leadership skills. Eloquence and self confidence will allow you to convince people with ease and even lie to their faces.
    Wisdom - vigilance, intuition, and insight. You have the habit of capturing every subtle chance with your senses, which makes it easier for you to spot danger and always discover the truth ahead of others.

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