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    Taoistd - are versatile students of Taoism equipped with a multitude of skills across various fields. They are especially proficient in medicine, making them a great healer and poisoner. Additionally, they also make for a decent sword fighter. Warrior - have significantly higher HP and strength that other classes, making them powerful hunters and close combat fighters. Sorcerer - possess powerful magic power and the ability to launch spectacular attacks regardless of range and position. They are highly recommended for players who prefer strong ranged attacker. Tap equip to immediately equip the new gear. Skills are automatically equipped. You can tap each skill to use it. Tap auto combat to search for enemies nearby to attack. You can check the skill info and if you have obtained a particular skill. When the requirements for enhancement has been fulfilled, you can level up your skills with enhance skill. You have fulfilled the requirements for quest completion. Tap here to proceed.

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    Charge vigor: you can use cheat codes, or by staying in a village, gathering, mining, fishing or using darksteel. Vigor is recharged based on the length of offline hours. The feature for companions to automatically charge Vigor will be upgraded soon. When Vigor is charged, you will earn hunt EXP bonus based on the charged hours. Vigor duration and the Hunt EXP effect will gradually decrease over time.
    Mounts have levels. THe higher their level, the higher stat bonuses you get for equipping them. The mount's stat bonuses are categorized into own, ride and equip. You get different stat bonuses for each category. You can equip mounts with gear to increase their skill level.
    How to equip potion items to the quickslot: tap the potion item in your inventory to equip it on the quickslot. Pull the item on the quickslot down to activate auto use.
    War and adventure companion: avatars give you special abilities and awaked skills. Companions increase combat abilities and improve the ease of picking up loot. Mounts reduce the burden on your inventory and allow you to travel fast.

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