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    Welcome! You've been appointed as mayor of our city as a result of your achievements in the field of steam technology research. Our city's development now lies in your hands. Now's the perfect time to meet our engineers, the builders need your help right away. Our citizens need housing. Let's head to the construction workshop and build our first house. To begin construction, drag the building onto the map. Bear this in mind: every building needs a road leading to it. A small home is all well and good, but a large home is even better. I'm sure you'll agree. Even more residents can live there. Let's try upgrading the building right away. Oh no, it seems that all our supplies of sand have run out, so we can't upgrade the building. Not far from the city, a sand quarry is in the early stages of development. We need to start extracting sand right away. In order for the quarry to start working, all that's left to do is purchase our first steam excavator. There we go, our supplies of sand have been replenished. Now we can start upgrading the building.

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    Different houses require different construction materials. Currently, we don't have enough mortar to upgrade the house. In order to produce this material, the city needs a processing plant. Let me give you some advice. Use #Steam-City cheat codes or banknotes to speed up the construction process. Right now, you can speed up construction for free. Launch the production of cement by dragging its icon onto the production queue or over a factory building. We need to wait a while, manufacturing is a slow process. When the materials are ready, you'll be able to come collect them. Oh yes, i almost forgot. For your convenience, i've put together a journal of all your current tasks and the issues faced by the city. And i will add to the list from time to time. Complete tasks in the city and get a reward.

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