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    Ah! Fairy of the Dandelion, here you are! Do you happen to know where Mr. Cuthbert is? He is about... this tall, and has a blunt yet upright nose, and he has a gorgeous brown beard! I guess he's out for a while. I can tell he is excited about having a new family member as much as i am! It'll be okay to look around before he come, right? I've been dreaming about running around the house all the way here from the station. Are you ready to start the story? Then let's start with the first level. Our first mission is to collect 13 yellow hats. Now that you know what to do, let's start the game. Move identical blocks to match 3 in a row. Collect more blocks to clear the level.
    Wow, look at that! We have a dandelion seed. Now let's open the diary. I always write down the things. I have to do so that i won't forget. Shall we use a dandelion seed to proceed with the next task? Ah, i couldn't be any happier. It's also been one of my dreams to live by the brook. But there's still no sign of Mr. Cuthbert.

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    Let's opne the diary again with a magic phrase! Open sesame. Wow, a new task is waiting! I wonder what will happen next. Let's use a dandelion seed to proceed with the story. Need more seeds? Beat levels to earn them. If you match 4 blocks in a ro, something amazing will happen! we got a rocket! Move the rocket upwards to fire it. If you tap the rocket twice, you can fire it from its place. What will happen when we match 5 blocks? Oh, it's a bomb! Make bombs to get rid of the remaining blocks. Match puzzle pieces, use delicate booster effects to beat levels! Equip yourself with Anne’s mighty spirit! Show off your match 3 skills by clearing various fun challenge modes ahead!

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