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    Witch - a proficient gunner and a relentless hunter. Gunner will shred anything she believes evil with her stol. her achievements on shooting enable her to deal massive AOE to enemies in the fight.
    Pugilist - an ascetic practitioner who uses the body to fight, and focuses on spiritual exercise. The powerful charged attack grants him an excellent close combat skill.
    Knight - the divine knight who has fought in thousands of battles. The scars on his body manifests the horrifying battles he has been through. He excels at melee combat and is an excellent damage absorber.
    Mage - the gorgeous queen who harnesses the power of spells. Mages are born with wisdom and strength. Their brilliant magic talents enable them to deal tons of damage in the fight.
    Archer - the exquisite shooter and the guardian of the forest. Long in the forest renders archers a keen vision and tremendously booster attack speed. They are guarantee of team DPS.
    General - a general who travels through space and timem has the power to summon puppet riders and can inflict heavy losses on demons.

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    Equipment: enhancing equipment to improve the attribute. Mount - all of the wind mounts will accompany you through the continent. Pet - who doesn't want a cute pet? Mob boss - ultimate red items. Tons of battle power. Guild quests - the exact place to get experience. Cast spirit - leverage the power of casting soul. Summoning crystal - can be used to summon pet. Summon your own cute pet that will fight by your side! 5 roll summoning will guarantee an S pet. Enhancement stone - material needed for enhancing equipment of level 1-200, can be used in the enhancement panel. After the maximum star level is reached, you can rank up to continue upgrading.

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