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    You were lost from your troop after the storm. Choose to rebuild one of the warships. Segaz KPS - summon the royal bombardment squadron and tear apart all enemies in sight. Hertford ARS - the Gatling guns of the republic tear all obstacles apart. San Felipe HOS - holy origin purify the fallen souls of the enemy by using the gas of Bliss.
    Which first mate would you prefer? Herman - empire Veteran, who use Howitzer cannon,can shoot huge Flaming bombs. Blinky - swift scouts, who use Thorn crossbow, can shoot arrows all over the sky. Joe - casio Bully, who has the power of mysterious roulette, can draw prizes to strengthen fire power. There are pirates blocking the way ahead, get ready to fight. Charge the main gun. The main gun will auto provide fire support, main force attack. Try out your skills of warship to interrupt the enemy. A poor drowning man was found here, rescue him quickly.

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    S-008: causes its range to slow down. Lower health bring higher attack. A charger in the enemy's formation, what should we do? Tank - can withstand more damage, placing them in the front row protect the crew in the back row. Oh year, our new partner is a tank, put him into our formation. The enemy's front row has only 1 unit. Charger - if there is no enemy in its path. Charger will attack the nearest troops in the enemy's back row. Let our charger avoid the enemy's front row and attack the back row. Some supplies are here, let's see what we can get. Than go try to train our new crew. It is said that each area has mysterious folkore, check it our. After completing the folklore, you can redeem rewards.
    Mysterious martial arts: a monk from the east once practiced in a hut nearby and left a book of martial arts. A great many fish - some food supply must be in the fishing house. Mysterious martial arts: you board the but and find the book of martial arts. It's about QI, which is one of the four martial elements: water,earth fire or air.

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