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    It happened in just a few weeks. Our own greed did us in. And before we knew it, the dollar flu spread like wildfire. A few weeks, that's how long it took for a civilization to collapse. THe governor of New York has asked for federal help as city services are collapsing. Manhattan was being torn apart. So, they locked it down. Or tried. But it was already too late. The government is resorting to drastic measure to tackle the crisis. That is why the President today has decided to invoke Directive 51. SO they finally activated us. The strategic homeland division. An elite group of embedded agents. We are the last line of defense. And we will give our lives to save what remains.

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    Vanguard - you are the tip of the spear. Access to advanced tech gives you a tactical advantage, and a mobile cover allows you to take the fight to the enemy. Tactical link - is an ISAC upgrade which transfers regular data bursts of augmented targeting information. During each burst, the SHD AR lens provides assisted aiming, allowing the agent to optimally take down hostiles. Mobile cover - a portable cover that can be easily deployed and used everywhere on the battlefield, allowing agents to take shelter from incoming fire in any situation. When deployed, tap the skill button to store the mobile cover back. Scanning pulse - scans the surrounding area for hostiles and highlights them through the agent's AR logs.

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    Equipment crafting materials can be obtained by completing instances, Bounties, Dark zones, and world events. Use covers in combat. Stay behind covers to avoid getting hurt by enemy fire. Mobile cover provides additional cover to the team. The red sector on the mini map indicates the enemy's cone of fire. The dodge button can be used to avoid urgent threats, such as rolling away from a grenade that's about to explode.
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