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    You awake! I'm glad. Without you we would've been lost. The second wave of Dread are all practically on us, and we're exhausted and completely outnumbered. We have to gather the others and withdraw carefully, if we want to live to fight another day. You need to hurry! touch the arrow on the right side of the screen to keep moving forward. Monsters.. you'll have to fight your way through! Touch the skill icon here, and then, tap on an enemy to deal serious damage. Your ultimate gauge can be filled up when receiving or doing damage to enemies on the field. You cna unleash your ultimate skill once the gauge has been filled completely. As a commissioner, you can command and strengthen our abilities in battle. Mana is our source of power, and you are responsible for providing it over to us. When your mana pool is full, you cannot gain anymore mana.

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    Touch the basic attack icon on the bottom of the screen and touch the enemy to attack the enemy. Now we can use our elemental skills. Certain skills are extra effective when dealing with certain types of enemies. But we trust your judgment Commissioner. To use skill you need to spend mana, mana can be gained from doing basic attack to enemy. Other than directing our attacks, you can also synergize our elemental prowess to be more effective in battle. We can also utilize element types to create some strong elemental reactions. This can easily turn the tide of battle.
    You'll meed a squad to be on the battlefield. You can enlist units easily by ising the gates of Kismet. It is home to an array of powerful characters and weapons. You can find a variety of limited edition items there: including exclusive high rarity characters that can greatly help you on your adventure. Be sure to give it a try. To pull a unit or a weapon from the gates of Kismet you'll need carillon bells. These bells are obtainable from in game events or the in-game shop. be sure to use these bells very wisely.

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    Lost idols can be used to quickly level up your character. Hero details - here, you ara able to read their individual profiles to get to know them better. Their skill, stats and elements are key information that will serve you well in battle. As commissioner it is your duty to do what's best for your squad so that they are well prepared. You can level up your characters by taking them on an adventure. You can also easily level them by utilising lost idols obtained from various dungeons and quests. You can exceed the level cap of each character by increasing their overall rarity. This also adds even more power for your character. Some skills are only usable when equipping certain weapon types. However, there are also skills that are able to be used regardless of what weapon is equipped. Unleash a devastating blow upon your enemies. These are called ultimate skills. You can only use these skills when your ultimate gauge fills up completely.
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