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    We can survive this together of you just listen to me. Those G# guys are gonna turn your whole species into drugs. Can you handle a gun? Because you know, i'm kind of a gun, and if you don't use me to kill those G3 grunts, they are gonna kill us. It's our base. Grab the warp drive@ We'll use this to warp the hell off this doomed. Sorry, no offense, i don't mean to upset you, but yes, your planet is doomed right now. Listen, bring me up close to your face, you can aim better. Press LB to close spam pop ups. Durashield pickup - your bounty suit will automatically regenerate your vitals after being damaged. It can be dropped by enemies and will give your suit some bonus protection on top of your normal health. Press RB to fire Kenny's Glob shot at Splatforms with green goop on them. Hold RB to predict Kenny's Glob shot path, then release to fire. Gatlian trick hole abilities charge more slowly when you're in combat. SHoot enemies that have been launched with Kenny's glob shot in the air to jungle them.

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    Press LB to attach to magnetic objects and hookbugs. Press RB to refill your Gatlian's trick Hole meter quickly in combat. Use the radar in the bottom left corner of your visor to detect lungoxes via blue markers. You can adjust how frequently your weapons speak outside of important narrative moments by changing the settings in the pause menu. You can aslo adjust enemy chatter. Check the hunter forums in the pause menu for combat tips, then complete the challenges to earn extra pesos and unlock more posts. WHile moving, press B to dodge a short distance in the same direction. Wile jumping in any direction. B to dodge in mid air. Jump forward and then press B to dash forward in mid air. Collect crystals from the warp drives on warp bases.

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    Ammo sac - this tiny biological tweak gives Kenny room to hold more primary ammo. This way you can miss a lot more and still not run out of ammo. Or you can just not miss at all and get more shots in. Up to you.
    Durahealth tank - some bounty hunters don't want to die and that totally makes sense. If you're one of those reasonable bounty hunters, here's my idea: add more tanks so you can store more health so you can stay alive for longer. You can just keep stacking these and maybe eventually you'll have enough that you'll stop being scared of death. it would be so smart to find one million of these.
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