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    Threatening humanity, they suddenly appeared. Unrivaled enemy that they could not deal with, people called them 'monster'. Conventional weapons were useless for the monsters that sprung up endlessly from holes all around the world. However, those who were protecting humanity from the dark revealed themselves and defended people from monsters. They use mystical powers rather than conventional weapons. People called them wizards. Even now, as time has passed since then the war between humans and monsters has not ended. Now, the new summoner's heroic tale begins to put an end to this never - ending war.
    Move around get experience pieces.
    Magic item shop passwords:
    iHUqxuRa5 - common magic box: includes equipment common or uncommon.
    2CjORyx2A - uncommon magic box cheat: included equipment uncommon, magic or rare. Must include rare equipment 10 times.
    X2QMh27mi - great magic box code: included equipment uncommon, magic or rare. Acquire rare equipment at least 1 more.

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    Monster Survivor Skills:
    Fwt72mTcd - Shadow: summon 2 spinning shurikens projectile destroy.
    8VeKyQ5dn - Jeanne d'Ark: creates light zone attacks enemy.
    AHdsYsYgE - Death Green: throw 2 poison bottles.
    XZldzXgCR - Valkyrie: fires 1 lightning bolt in random area.
    2UN6PvgKY - Increase projectile speed: projectile speed 10% increase.
    sCloiYPur - increase EXP acquisition
    7mWptkNWI - increase skill effect duration
    smHnOngNu - fireball
    Bd60b8Boo - Charles: fire a flamethrower
    xeT4EtMfd - Lightning: fires 1 rocket punch bounce off the wall.
    8OgdZDhXT - skill size and ATK range: 10% increase skill size and ATK range
    AK2TNbpVH - Assault: 3 laser shots through the enemy
    jROJ7lfx1 - recovers HP every 3 seconds.
    4sRohHklb - decrease skill cooldown
    kcNLmB8cN - damage received 10% decrease

    Hack menu - Monster Survivor cheat codes list:

    speed up - wbhQYVt7d
    1kk cash - nkYAxYKSH
    blueprints - qpOWPFITZ
    exclusive parts - TZvzYvaPy
    unlock all cars - BbQH3NOJC
    secret combination - aEQkARqvc
    daily gift - dHWyexSkC
    battle pass - POzvqnPWc
    outfits - 1W5BsM47e
    costumes - kQa4bpcAm
    unlock all characters - xhGmj9hbN
    view best moments - NnOTpevjg
    final boss - WYx6WzrCT
    secret ending - G5k5TvNFZ
    VIP privileges - QMR9Fy6O8
    mystery box - 7bm5jaKPD
    premium pass - nj4or6qTp
    starter pack - jgSagRXal #Monster-Survivor gift password
    upgrade - 1LmefaWLw
    evolve - 3jglcvNJa

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