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    You're the new manager, right? HR has finally hired someone. I'm the secretary of the boss of the lord demon, and i'm in charge of your next induction training. Now listen to me carefully, i'm only going to say these things once. The human alliance has cast their greedy gaze an our land, and it's your job to stop them. Top bar - here is your core HP, which is the source of our defensive line. Make sure it stays protected.Bottom line - these are your subordinates, you can call them manstraids, they are your main thugs. Snow owl - it can slow enemies down. This guy is rather stupid and needs you to help him choose the orientation. Now that you've got 3 of these, use upgrade feature to unlock a new skill. He works well with monstraids with the slow effect. Heroes skills can form combos. Alright, your deployment level has increased. You will gain deployment EXP after each battle. After damaging slowed enemies 5 times, blood bow will gain a temporary combo buff.

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    The deployment level has been increased again, and i just got a guardian monstroids, let him play. Guard can intercept attacking enemies. High altitude characters and guardian can achieve multiplier effect by cooperating with each other. Boss - it is the elite enemy, and the equipment they drop can helo you to exert more strength. Click rising star to instantly increase the unit's combat power. As the dungeon supervisor, you need what it takes to secure victory on the battlefield.
    HR - here is the personnel department. If you want to resist the attack of the human coalition, just a few cannon fodder is not enough.New subordinates should remem ber to be incorporated into the combat team, understand. Quest - onboarding and perfromance reviews are all here, just remember to get the job done. Before each crusade, it is recommended is check the war zone map to obtain terrain information. Knowing the terrain is important, but so is enemy intel scouted from the front lines. You will unlock peans after your first successful expedition. They'll provide continuous earnings from mines.

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    Mine - send peans and monstroids to work here and produce supplies nonstop.

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