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    From ancient times, a fierce war between White heaven and crimson hell broke out on Igalion. It is called Eternal war. After a war that lasted for millennia, white heaven finally won. Omniel-Seraphim of white heaven has sealed the great demon Drastral into an artifact and hid it in a distant place. The remaining demons rand back to crimson hell and have not been seen since. Then the angels created humans to live in Igalion. They wish to build a new world from the ashes of war. After 5000 years of living in peace, humans have created a new world growing day by day. But this peace did not last long as there were rumors that the demons would return. What will be the fate of mankind? You must be the one the angels sent. Please help us deal with the demons and save innocent people. Tap anywhere to attack the demons. Swipe quickly on the screen to Dash. Use dash and avoid enemy attacks.Too many demons, time to use your skill. Using skill properly, you can slay demons more efficiently. This is the only time you can use that divine power freely. Next time you need to get a new weapon or use cheat codes to activate that power.

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    Now let's upgrade the character. Use 3 same items to craft a better quality equipment.
    qQUqDVH0I - value pack 1
    0kfPnPIqn - value pack 2
    N9PAbKp46 - summon pack
    Zcqi0rKIZ - weapons pack
    zV7VRXlK1 - convenient pack 1
    5kJTUDcNC - convenient pack 2
    FTCofdNee - a few gems (600)
    v59F2cJbD - a handful of gems (3000)
    DjR964eIA - a bag of gems (6000)
    Egli0zJS0 - two bags of gems (12000)
    p7QlizRaq - recipes
    EASfOcNpt - some soul orbs
    5hZrBP8IK - large energy potion

    Hack menu - Shadow Legends Sword Hunter cheat codes list:

    speed up - JEULZAB8i
    unlock skills - vCbM7kOCr
    promote - vczArpnij
    level up - fnZxOBBmk
    mastery boost - nSwU022Ns
    secret combination - HWGxUoPOk
    daily gift - 6j5w750q0
    battle pass - 0BBvbdHDn
    resources - 47bNcQVMw
    gems (diamonds) - intL6cFkr
    VIP privileges - tVz7HGUVY
    EXP pack cheat - SeU58XWbV
    gold coins code - EcrkNWiUG
    mystery box - NVmxDoQzX
    premium pass - SG5VEugiM
    starter pack - o79UEZHmt #Shadow-Legends-Sword-Hunter gift password
    unlimited stamina energy - vgPCddHpw
    mixed package - wYatqeH1e
    awaken - 8jab9uaa1
    upgrade - 0zVFmtYWn
    evolve - CugsdM5XT
    off ads - F5Hq7lUjr
    shards - BfU8BCjwb

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