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    The landry continent where we live now is the only inhabitable land left on planet Esula. Thousands of years ago, the God came to Esula and brought us new life. However, for some unknown reasons, we have lost his bliss for a ling time. The lost realm started to expand, the areas affected have been losing their vitality, and now it is expanding more rapidly. You are made to travel through the space rift and enter the lost realm to discover the truth and find the traces of God. May he bless us again and save Esula.
    Movement - drag on your left screen to move. Look around - drag on your right screen to look around. Shoot - tap the button or anywhere on the right screen to shoot. With you,we definitely will figure out why the Lost realm appeared and expanded, and finally find the traces of the God.

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    Now let's upgrade the character. Use 3 same items to craft a better quality equipment.
    eL4ioioA0 - value pack 1
    kQ7FblQfV - value pack 2
    AvvQkB1PF - summon pack
    XSSSd8mXc - weapons pack
    8WSARpR8G - convenient pack 1
    U79dvo5Pb - convenient pack 2
    uoiF0MmNF - a few gems (600)
    Oszeoa3wm - a handful of gems (3000)
    dgkVxfcsu - a bag of gems (6000)
    1KWxxgHux - two bags of gems (12000)
    0eofmUUYt - recipes
    UzJ2PRlGn - some soul orbs
    Er2RunqPT - large energy potion

    Hack menu - Phantasy of Esula cheat codes list:

    speed up - y0Qwq3jwu
    unlock skills - URSzu3I6l
    promote - hdqHZKWPV
    level up - 3Wz0wOh5W
    mastery boost - UiTqKVCG3
    secret combination - s4cP3pK4l
    daily gift - XFTEDxAnr
    battle pass - EzXUYxLCF
    resources - DuH9zR5jd
    gems (diamonds) - hiBZSkSpT
    VIP privileges - eFnw3uBl7
    premium pass - SG5VEugiM
    starter pack - nfTY7nIDF #Phantasy-of-Esula gift password
    unlimited stamina energy - 36S8MdgNS
    mixed package - v7KuSYfgz
    awaken - 8NCoLALDy
    upgrade - TVIivJlDC
    evolve - hCexyYKf1
    off ads - qfpk4k8OY
    shards - AyD99E6YO

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    Published contact: The United States of America (USA), 228 Park Ave S, New York, NY 10003-1502, US
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