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    Merciful One, you have finally answered our calls. Noble messenger, please save our tribe. An enemy clan has invaded and our homeland is in danger. Please, help us repel the enemy. Let's start by repairing the tribe's damaged buildings. Let me give you a tour of our tribe. The fort is the tribe's main building. Please repair it first. The storehouse is where we store and protect our resources. Repair it before getting any resources. CUltivate our own farmland to harvest crops. Remove weeds first to get some rations. Than start cultivating farmland on the vacant plot. Congratulations! We have our own source of food now. The tribe has offered gifts as good wishes. Remove weeds at the fort walls to clear obstacles for the construction. The weeds have been removed. Build walls to protect our tribe. The weeds are removed and the walls are built, please accept the gift again.

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    Your buildings' max level is based on your fort's level. Upgrade your fort to upgrade other buildings. You're getting the hang of our tribe's construction. Let's move on to defense now. Build a recruitment post to grow our army. Train the recruits to develop their military skills. Tribe folk - ordinary tribesmen and women. They altermate as guards and are unskilled fighters. The entrance to the northeast valley is outside our fort, and it can be dangerous inside. Let's ready our units. I will set up healing portals on paths cleared of enemies. Head there to rest and treat units with mild injuries. Remember to train your favorite commanders and upgrade their level to make them stronger. Resurrect stronger and more durable soldiers in the biochem hospital.

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