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    There are too many enemies. At this rate...Master, the reinforcements are here. Call a servant quickly. The servant's unique skill will activate if you touch the skill slot. Annihilate the enemies with Eligos that has a powerful AoE attack skill. You've made use of the servant's power perfectly. You're amazing, master. The servant's skill os powerful, but time is required to use it again. Let's hunt the ghosts while waiting for the skill cool time. Let's go challenge the boss monster before more wraiths come swarming in. There are always guard monsters around the boss monster. If you spend too much energy on the guard monsters, you'll have a hard time fighting the boss. Wait until the boss monster comes close enough and then...Bam! if reinforcement didn't come in time, it would have been really dangerous.
    We can't always rely on the servants. I've made a training manual, so trust and follow me. When you don't know what to do, press quests. You can grow souls that can be obtained by eliminating wraiths. I think what you need right now is strength! Can you point a gun with that arm?

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    Why don't you press enhance basic ATK? If you eliminate stronger wraiths, you can acquire more souls. Don't forget to strengthen your base physical fitness. The hunter association has given permission to summon a new servant. Your summon level is low, so not all servants will answer to the summon, but... if you summon a lot and raise the summon level, you'll eventually be able to meet all servants. The resources required for this summon will be given the association, so go ahead and perform a summon.
    Weapons are divided from the lower grade F to the highest S+. You can synthesize 5 Weapons of the same grade to acquire a weapon of the upgraded grade. Hunters use weapons to attack enemies with physical property from a distance. Enemies who have been attacked by the hunter are pushed back a little. Weapons are divided into muskets, pistols and cannons. Each of them has strength in accurate hit, ATK speed, and critical hit rate.

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    speed up - CearHnlUA
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    promote - NibCz8wBl
    level up - 8GYtaNsY5
    mastery boost - suu6DHh4I
    secret combination - h9s6RDVHX
    daily gift - xbgi4gcw9
    battle pass - vOYgbfG59
    resources - zLleasd6U
    gems (diamonds) - G0aaJconh
    VIP privileges - LtgxaXFuZ
    premium pass - YLufaW9KQ
    starter pack - hdKaWKf6m #Spirit-Savior gift password
    unlimited stamina energy - UXaFl8kOs
    mixed package - 3e4dFl5SI
    awaken - deVr3lmZP
    upgrade - ynLqgwBlw
    evolve - D2ERBBAeJ
    off ads - eIc9mNI9E
    shards - OG6v9XmEd

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