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    Greeting! Do you also want to try your luck in the dungeons? Well, here's the main rule of dungeons: finding treasures in a dungeon is easy. It's difficult to bring them to the exit. Good! Then let's go down to one and see what and how. Let's collect the treasures! See the gold and the book? Click on them to pick up. Now let's take these treasures back to the surface. To do this, you need to go through the dungeon to the end. We are at a next level. Look, it;s not that simple anymore. Let's start by dealing with the orcterrier. This monster has little health, but he has a pretty strong attack. The deeper you go down into the dungeon, the stronger the enemies become. That's why you need to gain strength. In the dungeon, runes give power. Runes can be collected on altars, there are 3 of them on this map. Collect them all. THis is the last level of the dungeon. There are already more orcs, but you are stronger. Because you have runes. Please note that at this level, the progress timer in the upper right corner has turned on. Each player has 12 seconds at the beginning of the turn and another 6 seconds are given for each action.

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    Therefore, do not yawn, if the time runs out. Then the turn will go to the next player. Attack the Orcterier. It's usually better to attack those you can kill faster. Have you noticed? You attacked a Orcterrier, but the guy behind it also took damage. This is because the huntress's spear deals though damage when attacking. Cool! This group of orcs is on the ground. But there is another one. There are two units in it and they bite very painfully. We used all the attacks but there are runes that you can cast magic on. Let's hit the enemy with a shuriken, it should just be enough for him. That's it. We did everything we could, it remains only to skip the move. There is another enemy on the map. Squeeze the rolls tighter, and get ready to get hit in your head. Pay attention, even through you were standing on the first line, but i took the blow on myself. It's because i have the ability defender. You're lucky! There is a spell book among the treasures. Let's go to the inventory and use all the scrolls found in the book. SO, first of all, transfer the new spells to the deck to take them next time in the dungeon. Don't forget to read what the new spells do later and try them in battle.

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