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    Hello! I am here to assist with your preparation for the show. The pleasure is mine! New restaurant owner! So what did you think of the contest before? Dying to get up there, right? Wow, slow down! It'll be your chefs who complete in the spotlight. However, as their manager, you'll most certainly share that glory when they win. Now to achieve that, the first thing to do is to open your restaurant. Let me show you where your spot is. The construction of your restaurant is almost finished. It just needs some finishing touches from its owner.Let's start with choosing a type of cuisine for your restaurant. Our sponsors will provide free kitchen appliances and interior design services, as well as your first chef. There are only a few choices for now, but they are all well designed. Upon your choice, the construction team is ready to prepare your restaurant in a heartbeat.

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    USA - the convenience and delicacy fir the hobbies and requests of modern people. Only American cuisine can make food become a trend.
    Chinese - the thousand year old Chinese cuisine is shaped by well selected ingredients, unique seasoning and great cooking skills.
    French - to combine romance and elegance with food. French cuisine is more than an art.
    Japanese - chefs are destined to present the best taste of ingredients to customers, that's how our Japanese chefs do.
    Korean - highlight the charm of the most common ingredient, which defines Korean food.
    German - would you like some special food from our German chefs?
    Brazilian - flavors of different nations are mixed here. Let's make colorful Brazilian a carnival.
    SE Asian - SEA is a heaven of spices. We use the to create a unique flavor, and you won't forget it once you eat.
    Great! Now let's see what kind of surprises awaits us.

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    Uh, it seems we've arrived too early. There is still much to be done. But the decorations are almost finished. You can always make a request from the sponsors to change the design. It won't be free though, but it will be definitely worth it. Let's tidy up the kitchen. It is the heart of any restaurant. The key to making high end cuisine is a clean kitchen and well equipped chef. On various occasions during this show, you will need the help of your chef team, which makes it crucial for you to decide what kind of positions they should be assigned to. Upgrade dining room one - customers need not only delicious food, but also a comfortable environment and great services. Feel free to purchase more table sets after the restaurant is opent, or try a different style of furniture.

    Here's a good shelf for your menu. A good menu can attract more customers and keep them waiting patiently. We have prepared a recipe for new restaurant owners. YOu can put it on your menu right away. Of course, no restaurant can run with only one dish, so from now on, you need to collect more recipes. A small piece of advice: you need to ask your chef to unlock the new recipes first before adding them to the menu.
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