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    Hello! We've build this game to celebrate ten years of city island. It contains loads of references to other city island games. Exciting, isn't it? For starters, this is the original city island 1 island. Let's take a closer look. It looks beautiful, doesn't it? Your job is to build a thriving city here. Let's start by building something on that open area. Go to the shop, as i have a gift for you to get you going. Here you go, a free building pack! Let's open it. These are construction cards. When unpacked, each card will be placed in your card collection. Each card can be turned into a building when placed on your island. To activate a building you need to perform just two steps. First, click the ballons to open it. Second, every building needs a road. Let's build one. Your citizens provide you with cash if they have a job. So let's create some jobs for them. Farm - this building provides jobs and therefore you will earn cash. Next, your citizens also need to relax. Let's build them something to make them happy. Let's upgrade the house to make it more effective.

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    You can choose to pay cash and wait for the upgrade to finish, use cheat codes or you can pay with gold to upgrade instantly. When you upgrade similar buildings to level 5, you will unlock a cool new feature. Expanding your city will also lead to additional rewards, let me show you. Chapter quest: here we show you what you need to achieve to progress towards a reward. Now you know the basics, it is your job to develop a thriving city here. By the way, it's not only about making as much profit as possible. It is also your responsibility to keep your citizens happy. Remember, if you need more buildings, you can always find them in card packs. Card packs - here you can buy card packs which will give you more buildings to grow your city with. Keep on building and your city will become a magnificent metropolis in no time. If you ever run out of space to build, you can easily purchase more land to expand your territory. Need more happiness? Increase your city's happiness to attract more citizens.

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    Uh, it seems we've arrived too early. There is still much to be done. But the decorations are almost finished. You can always make a request from the sponsors to change the design. It won't be free though, but it will be definitely worth it. Let's tidy up the kitchen. It is the heart of any restaurant. The key to making high end cuisine is a clean kitchen and well equipped chef. On various occasions during this show, you will need the help of your chef team, which makes it crucial for you to decide what kind of positions they should be assigned to. Upgrade dining room one - customers need not only delicious food, but also a comfortable environment and great services. Feel free to purchase more table sets after the restaurant is opent, or try a different style of furniture.

    Here's a good shelf for your menu. A good menu can attract more customers and keep them waiting patiently. We have prepared a recipe for new restaurant owners. YOu can put it on your menu right away. Of course, no restaurant can run with only one dish, so from now on, you need to collect more recipes. A small piece of advice: you need to ask your chef to unlock the new recipes first before adding them to the menu.
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