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    Welcome, contestants! Today i will guide those who wish to take the emperor's test. Please follow me! Chang'an West market is like one of the jewels in the crown of the Nine heavens. It shines like a star over the top of the world. It contains the Azure council and its mana affairs. If you look ahead, you will see the Azure council building. Please enter with me. Once inside, we will go to the mana affairs gate. Then, go past the soldiers to the testing area.
    The first test will determine whether your colored pupils are natural or not. If you want to learn about our medicine, it is the most vital test of the day. Stand in front of the machine. If you are using spells or trickery, it will immediately find you out. Each turn the Spirits will act in turn according to their position and the turn ends when all spirits have acted. A spirit can only take action once each turn. When energy is full, spirits can utilize powerful abilities that may turn the tide of battle.

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    Having Guo Jin and Bi Yue on the same team triggers a synergy bonus and provides them with 2 more base energy. Tap on the empty space. This will add the spirit of a hero to your travelling group. In the future you'll meet more powerful spirits. Remember to put them in your team. This will increase your strength and chance of victory.
    The west market is the center of trade and culture in Chang'an, so why not go shopping and buy some supplies before your trip? However, you should be careful. Although the west market is prosperous, there are still dangerous. Be careful! Remember, Jade contains the purest Mana and can be used to raise the level of spirits. If you continue to travel west, you will get more Jade, so collect it and upgrade the spirits you receive. Now you have learned about the qualities of Jade and how it can help, go back to your rooms and pack.

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