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    Han Sujin - during the tour performance, I participated in the Home Run challenge because i felt the taste of a home run while blowing gifts to fans as an event.
    Mario Fernandes - i couldn't forget the taste of the home run i hit on the street for fun and participated in the home run challenge.
    Kimura Hen - while working part-time at a screen baseball stadium, i felt the taste of a home run and participated in the home run challenge.
    Emma Joy - while filming the #homeRunChallenge video, which is popular on SNS, i felt the taste of home runs and participated in the home run challenge.
    Let's learn about game mode right away. Single challenge is a record - achieving mode. The PvP challenge is a mode that competes with other players. High points in the single challenge and high points in the PvP challenge will earn you weekly ranking rewards. You can hit a home run with excitement by clicking the challenge button. If you touch the screen with good timing, you cha become the world's best home run king. You can receive a gift when you complete the first play of the single challenge gifts.

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    4AVmAy9Ez - random box cheat code: you can get one of the items below (lowest - high enchant stone, 4000 - 30000 gold box, character/ equipment/ costume draw ticket)
    If you hit a home run in three directions, you earn a cycling home run bonus score. You successfully finished playing the single challenge. Now challenge your weekly reward by achieving your best record for a week. The single challenge tutorial rewards can be found in the inventory in the main lobby. If you achieve the character skill condition, you cna get a stat buff. If you complete the spot mission, you can earn a higher score. You can get a bigger score if you hit the object in the home run zone. Now try to earn points for a week and challenge the weekly reward. Package items purchased or acquired as a reward can be opened by clicking the use button. Single ticket - this is a ticket where you can play a normal single challenge. You can grow the base character at the bottom. level up the base character by consuming the material characters at the top. In addition to the selected character, you can check the character you have. You can level up by adding characters to gain experience. If you level up your skills, the buff effect will be even greater. Skill level cannot exceed character level. You can gain more skills by opening the skill slot. If you have a large number of skills, you can get buffs under various conditions. Skill changes allow you to randomly change the desired skill. Check the skill list below to see the skill you want.

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    speed up - 0FEi0KFD1
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    promote - Es8E8TvEI
    level up - oeGVcLs7j
    mastery boost - fnfHLs4tG
    secret combination - ffhHSjqxk
    daily gift - VVAU1BZM8
    battle pass - 1szAafzf2
    resources - aMuoYKU00
    gems (diamonds) - JNO0Gw8fL
    VIP privileges - uSNqtz9Pi
    premium pass - cgY9xVWmg
    starter pack - ULgl2mixw #Homerun-Challenge gift password
    unlimited stamina energy - MaijgMlrE
    mixed package - dYTheJXgD
    awaken - LDg9xTnGc
    upgrade - gRAaEaMOI
    evolve - hykxssUDy
    off ads - TszfTkwYE
    shards - pzXpTG0XN

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