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    The world fell apart. The ground was covered in radiation, turning itself to hell. Humanity hid into deep beneath the surface. Utilizing the world's most developed underground complex, an underground city was established. After completion of underground city sindorim, the city started to stabilize. The surface was renamed to hell. The fury of people left on hell, naturally turned into criminal activities. The government of underground city sindorim, started to put bounties on criminals. To control the chaos on the surface.
    Place characters in the field by touching the kiz icon. They can use their ultimates when the rage gauge is full. Use the ultimate by touching the kiz icon. The obtained reward increases by the idle time. When the reward is accumulated for 20 hours it doesn't accumulate anymore. Come back often and claim the accumulated reward. You can increase the combat power of the hero. You can increase the combat power by equipping gear. Increase the base combat power of the unit by leveling up.
    TQj4tCauc - butcher Jack (limited recruit) code
    a2wrGEVwZ - 10000 diamonds cheat. Diamond that is secretly used only for rare items or important exchange. it symbolized the unchanging value even after the world ended.

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    45kaRA9D9 - 5000 dismantle token: token circulated among industrial engineers and used as currency. Obtainable through dismantling and used to upgrade gear and facility traits.
    Collection details:
    collection level:
    - the collection level is increased when you obtain a certain amount of collection experience.
    - you can obtain character stats when the collection level is increased.
    Collection EXP:
    - when you obtain an additional kiz, you can obtain a certain amount of collection EXP, depending on the kiz's grade
    - there is a difference in the amount of collection EXP obtained, depending on the kiz's grade.
    - you can't obtain any more of the kiz's collection experience after obtaining the maximum amount.
    Limited recruit:
    - this is the human resource office that increases the chance of appearance of particular unit for a set amount of time.
    - all the heroes including limited heroes will appear
    - the limited office open irregularly.
    Exchange limited kiz points:
    - 1 point is gained per every recruit
    - you can exchange the kiz below by collecting 100 points
    - the acquired points will all disappear when the period ends.

    Hack menu - SEOUL Apocalypse cheat codes list:

    speed up - SfXnSxz5H
    unlock skills - S22d8INFL
    promote - DJSu8IkVi
    level up - cFfs3Kej0
    mastery boost - RKd2vSWXQ
    secret combination - y2sHerMvZ
    daily gift - rxTeMicYm
    battle pass - xvw57PR7k
    resources - L96U3mKby
    gems (diamonds) - 0G7s5U1Qn
    VIP privileges - yhDxk0woP
    premium pass - xeKYV1wc9
    starter pack - OaHYcLO8r #SEOUL-Apocalypse gift password
    unlimited stamina energy - ZJim05uI1
    mixed package - BiSxHPCmw
    awaken - 3S4xrFMUS
    upgrade - mGb60fgFE
    evolve - emwF5h0Jh
    off ads - GROewP110
    shards - BP8tDAANE

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