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    We have been waiting for your arrival, hero. The evil forces took over our continent, Arjia. Please drive out our enemies and save our continent. I'll help you along the way as you regain your lost powers. Do you feel the strength flowing in you? You shouldn't slack off from ATK training. We never know what strong enemies will appear. High HP means that enemies won't be able to take you down, but please try not to get hurt, it hurts my heart too much. I believe you'd need some capable equipment for the long road that lies ahead of you. Try summoning a new weapon with this mysterious diamond. You can summon weapons with these mysterious diamonds, and you can make them even stronger by enhancing and upgrading them. Upgrades consume 4 weapons for 1 weapon of the next tier. You can also summon classes with diamonds. Classes make you stronger physically, and let you learn special skills as well.

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    All skills are considered owned effects. Consume 1 skill card to learn the skill. Upgrades consume 3 cards for 1 card of the next tier. You can fully embrace your potential with powerful weapons and classes, and obtain special abilities and powers. It is much more effective to learn more skills with a class card rather than equipping a high level class card with less skills. You can use mysterious diamonds to make yourself stronger. It's up to you how to use diamonds. You can grow the character's with the water spirit stones you got from green goblins. The growth stats you obtained as the knight order grows can be used to enhance your abilities. Fight 3 vs. many instead of as 1 vs. 1! Build a knight's order consisting of a warrior, an archer, and a sorcerer and experience a whole new concept in idle games. Collect the best weapons and hone your class skills to build the mightiest knights order! Nonstop Action without a Moment’s Res. A constantly changing battlefield and new monsters. A rich content awaits you!

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