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    Gift redeem pass #Yggdrasil-the-origin

    You are finally here. Adventurer from another world! The Goddess of creation has rewound time to the beginning og the demonic incursion with her last power, but the Abyss remains unmatched. The continent of Euglasius calls for your rescue, and the heroes call for your guidance. Tap challenge to command your heroes in battle. Tap to deploy a tank hero, which can help allies absorb damage. Place intelligence heroes in the back row. When deploying heroes of the same attribute type, meeting certain conditions can activate the bonds of one of the professions. Tap challenge to give these bad guys a lesson. Our main goal right now is to recapture the Yggdrasil occupied by the demons.
    Tap heroes to see all the heroes on your team. Tap upgrade to make your heroes stronger. Quick equip lets heroes quickly equip new gear. Continue to fight more battles to check out the power of your heroes after upgrading. Deploy heroes of the same faction to grant faction bond attribute buff.
    LIV2QWBFR - first recharge helper bag code: a growth resources bag obtained from a first time recharge. Includes 50000 gold, 50000 hero experience and 200 hero dust.
    eX1h6zjTb - gear enchantment stone cheat: items used for gear enchantment, which can enhance the attributes of elite or above gear and enchantment talent.
    PhHuRWDMi - gachapon coin hack: a coin prized in Uglesius, can be obtained from event play modes, and used to draw prizes from the Gachapon machine, If you don't use them all, they can be saved for the next event.

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    Gem chest of destiny:
    1. The vent is a re-occurring period event divided into 2 stages: giftpack purchase stage and prize draw stage.
    2. Giftpack purchase stage: Saturday 00:00 to Sunday 17:55
    3. Prize draw stage: Sunday 18:00
    4. Adventurers can purchase giftpacks to get seals of destiny and participate in prize draws.
    5. For every 100 seals of destiny bought, an additional prize winner will be added.
    6. During prize draws, the more seals of destiny you have, the more rewards you can get.
    7. After prize draws ,rewards will be sent via mail.
    Yggdrasil Trial:
    1. Adventurers can conduct trial challenge every day during the event, challenge counts will be refreshed each day during the event.
    2. In each trial you can deploy 6 heroes at most, for each hero deployed, winning a challenge grants a medal reward responding to the hero's faction, if you deploy an otherworld hero, after winning, you will obtain the medal of another normal faction.
    3. Each time you win a challenge you also receive points rewards, collect a certain amount of pints to claim corresponding results in certificate of trial.
    4. Adventurers can participate in challenges to collect faction medals, collect a certain amount to exchange for rewards.
    5. Failing a single challenge does not deduct challenge attempts, only successful challenges deduct points.

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    speed up - ZzI2Bh7aM
    unlock skills - vc6T4TpbI
    promote - PbvHcYPRm
    level up - Ku3GiAeCm
    mastery boost - vkxIvcOaN
    secret combination - 9c7hQQQPt
    daily gift - JEtv9Nqqm
    battle pass - 53IgZG7G8
    resources - JW1EUELiV
    gems (diamonds) - NfUlVwtyF
    VIP privileges - pLwQVWEzO
    premium pass - myfUeJxIt
    starter pack - veialfeGe #Yggdrasil-the-origin gift password
    unlimited stamina energy - avpXXTYT2
    mixed package - SGOpbEo7T
    awaken - paIVwubVQ
    upgrade - 677lMVOeL
    evolve - YIxd36MFH
    off ads - vOT9nqRyG
    shards - tpCkcs8XW

    Yggdrasil the origin hack menu & cheat codes tips

    Privilege account owners can claim all rewards for reached level every day (unclaimed rewards can be accumulated to the next day). Players can increase privilege account level by recharging. When the player has levelled up privilege account, he can claim all accumulated rewards for the current level ( since the event's beginning). Players can increase privilege account level by recharging (the gifted diamonds in the diamond store are not included in the accumulated diamonds)
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