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    The year is 1004 DCE. 11 years after the Falling; the event that brought beasts of lore to life. We, the Order of the unfalled, have vowed to protect what remains of humankind from this blight. And i am told you, too, would like to join our cause. When encountering a foe in combat which of the following are you?
    The warrior - high HP and attack power, low usage of skills.
    The mage - low HP and attack power, but magical power. High usage of spells.
    The Thief - moderate HP, high Attack power, moderate magical power. Higher usage of status effects.
    Meet me in Loton, traveler. You have entered your first battle. Your opponent is on the left, along with their health bar and any status effects they may incur. Similarly, you character's health, mana, and status effects are shown on the right. The command menu is show at the bottom of the screen. It contains all commands that you may give in battle. Attack the opponent, dealing damage with your equipped weapon. Defending will reduce damage from the opponent for one turn. Use potions to heal your character, or access other useful items. Hold flee button if you wish to flee the battle.

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    Your current equipment and selected skills can be saved to equipment sets, allowing you to quickly re-equip them again at another time.
    Unlock special classes:
    - wandered: an alternative version of the Rogue class. Purchase this class to support the game and gain an alternative sprite and passives.
    - warlock: an alternative version of the Archmage class.
    - rune knight (the paladin)
    - royal guard (the knight)
    Other passwords:
    - decor token: a token allowing one to build a decoration in their area.
    - arena token: a token permitting access to battle in the arena.
    - gauntlet key: one can use this key to enter a Gauntlet.
    - Galar's hammer: a gine hammer used by Galar. Using this item before upgrading equipment at the blacksmith will reduce the time needed to complete the upgrades.
    Level up further to improve your character's stats and restore your health and mana. New spells, skills, items, enemies and activities. Building shops in your town will increase the items that are available to you.

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    Map - on your journey, you will notice that some of these lands are enveloped in a great fog. This fog may prevent you from moving forward at times. The Fog is caused Morrigan's Curse. Entering it will certainly mean one's demise. But, as the Undellef's influence grows here, the Fog will fade. Our influence here is directly tied to how strong we become. For every 25 levels you progress, more of the map will be revealed. As you progress through your journey, towns, regions, dungeons, and other places of interest will be marked automatically on this map. You can use it at any time a trip to any town. Simply tap on a town that you have visited to automatically travel there.
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