5 Homescapes Tips & Tricks
  • 5 Homescapes Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

    Homescapes is a popular mobile puzzle game that tasks players with renovating a mansion. In order to restore the house to its former glory, you must earn stars by completing match-three puzzles with various objectives. As you play through the game, you'll add new furniture to the house and follow Austin's journey. After spending many hours solving puzzles and decorating the house, we've compiled some tips to help you make the most of your time with this engaging match-three game.

    Take a Break and Allow the Game to Point Out Great Matching Options

    If you find yourself stuck and unable to find an easy match to make, try taking a short break and letting the game highlight the best match available. However, keep in mind that you shouldn't always take this suggestion – if it's just a simple three-piece match on a difficult level, try to look for a four- or five-piece match instead. But if the game indicates that a match that will create a booster is possible, it's probably worth considering.

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    Boosters: How to Create Them and When They Are Most Useful

    Boosters can be very useful in Homescapes and come in three types: those that can be created on the game board, those that can be placed on the board before a match, and those that are available as a last resort (these are located on the right side of the current level).

    To create boosters on the game board, you can match four pieces in a row or column to create a Rocket, which will clear out all pieces in its path when activated. Column matches create horizontal Rockets that clear rows, while row matches create vertical Rockets that clear columns. Matching five pieces together in an L shape creates a Bomb, which causes a massive explosion and clears out any pieces in its blast radius. Matching four pieces in a square formation creates a Paper Plane, which targets the most important piece to be cleared and removes it from the board. Finally, matching five pieces in a row or column creates a Rainbow Ball, which clears all pieces of the same type when matched with one.

    For pre-level boosters, the Rainbow Ball or Double Paper Planes are usually the best options. The Rainbow Ball is effective for all types of stage goals, while the Paper Planes are especially helpful on cherry-targeting levels. When you have only five moves left and are in danger of losing, you can use your remaining boosters. The hammer boosters are especially useful on grass-associated levels and levels with locked pieces.

    Combining Boosters Can Lead to Great Results

    One effective strategy in Homescapes is to create matches that push Boosters next to each other, as this can result in the creation of powerful Super Boosters. For example, combining two Rockets creates multiple Rockets that can clear a row and a column. Matching a Rocket or Bomb with a Paper Plane creates a Paper Plane that transports the Rocket or Bomb to its target. The most powerful Booster combination is when you match a Rainbow Ball with any other Booster – this creates multiple copies of that Booster and activates them immediately. If you match two Rainbow Balls together, the entire stage is cleared of all pieces.

    Take Advantage of the Infinite Retry Booster

    As you complete daily goals and fill up the mission meter in your guide book, you may receive gift boxes that contain Boosters as rewards. The most valuable reward is the infinite retry, which gives you 30 minutes of unlimited chances to complete levels. When you have an infinite retry active, make sure to take advantage of it by completing as many levels as possible, especially those that require multiple stars. Don't forget to play the game daily to receive your usual login rewards, which can include Boosters and other bonuses.

    Connect to Facebook for Social Benefits and Rewards

    Homescapes allows you to join a team at Level 36, but it's possible that the best teams are already full. An alternative way to get free retries is to connect your Facebook account to the game. This immediately grants you 1000 coins and allows you to send and receive retries to and from friends. Connecting to Facebook can also improve your overall experience and enjoyment of the game.
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