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    My info: check your user info and battle history change your portrait. Setting: manage your game settings and account info. Resources: show the amount of energy, gold and ruby in possession. News: get the latest game news. Rewards: find different game rewards. Friends: find and manage friends. Ranking: show ranking information and promotion rewards. Mailbos: find your mails and receive the rewards. My skins: select and equip your favorite skins. Inventory: check your skins and pieces you have. Quests: acquire rewards through various missions and achievements. Shop: purchase various skins, resources and packs. To celebrate the completion of the basic tutorial i will give you a present. Since you're new to Gunbound T, i'll give you some rubies and skin pieces. Unlock the skin with the received item. Make sure to go to the shop to get your skin. If you're lucky, you'll get a very powerful items. If you win the battle, you can get loot boxes of different grades. You can check and open the loot boxes in the main menu. By the way, in the loot box, you can get different materials, which you cna equip on avatars and mobiles. The next step is unlocking and upgrading the skins. Tap the workshop tab below.
    8GJIZU0zt - ruby code
    OFg8u1dla - passpoint cheats

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    In this section, you can use the collected gold and parts to unlock or upgrade skins. Enhance your skins to increase their stats and obtain different skills that you can use at the time of battle. Now i'll show you how to customize your preset so you can fight with your favorite skins. Settings can be made by pressing the button in the lower left corner. In "My Skins", you can personalize your avatars and mobiles equipping them with different skins. Battle is next! You can join the battle by clicking the 'start game' button at the bottom right of the screen. By pressing that button, you can enjoy game with competitive players. You can play solo ,ode, 1v1 fight, and Pro mode, control two mobiles in one game. Enjoy the modes you want. And we're finally done with the guide.

    Hack menu - Gunbound T cheat codes list:

    speed up - Z3C6Gl1kx
    unlock skills - LZfzyZby6
    promote - oowjDjgVG
    level up - Qg7UceuV7
    mastery boost - pdUU468tu
    secret combination - 9WYIH3KLZ
    daily gift - gHekcJVGm
    battle pass - fyMH00XMc
    resources - xI8h9Mpve
    gems (diamonds) - a6zhxTrRy
    VIP privileges - Tt5AqESJ7
    premium pass - Hjz2PCj4w
    starter pack - yJ0z2rWka #Gunbound-T gift password
    unlimited stamina energy - rUouemNQU
    mixed package - sOWVYPPOQ
    awaken - TdmlzWCgV
    upgrade - Z34Ie5wpz
    evolve - CZ8k7pkFm
    off ads - igaq2NSTB
    shards - ZNkyd3Llm

    Gunbound T hack menu & cheat codes tips

    Game modes:
    Friendly match - you cna invite clan members from your clan to play a game. Stamina is not consumed during gameplay but there are no rewards following the match results.
    Competitive match - stamina is consumed to play against random users. You can obtain rewards such as gold and XP depending on match results and the PvP box displayed in the image upon victory.
    Solo - you cna select a preset to play a game.
    PRO - you can select two presets to play a game.
    Selet a pre-set:
    1. Select a preset to use in combat locked presets can be unlocked in the main screen and setting screen.
    2. Touch the info button to display the detailed stats for the preset in a pop-up.
    3. You can obtain additional gold after the match by watching ads.
    4. The button is displayed once you have selected the number of playable pre-sets and touching the button begins matchmaking

    1. You can check the details for the mission in progress or the benefits and rewards of the shooter pass.
    2. Missions are categorized into daily, weekly and monthly missions and missions are reset after each period.
    3. DIsplays the time remaining until mission re-set.
    4. Displays details for the mission in progress and the rewards for the selected tab and you can obtain shooter pass points and rubies upon completing the mission.

    Shooter pass:
    1. You can check the shooter pass points you have earned.
    2. You can check the details of the benefits and application of the shooter pass.
    3. You can check and collect the rewards you can obtain according to the shooter pass points you have earned.
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